How to correct EMO for the end of daylight savings time

For those users in the United States that just went off of daylight savings time, your EMO may be reporting the wrong time now. If so, here’s how to fix it:

Open the app and then go to the hexagon symbol in the upper right corner.
Click on Timezone (it should already show your correct time zone), then just click the Set button.

The time EMO reports should be correct now.



How do you put Emo in Daylight Savings Time?

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Hi @joshuafugate ,

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Italy currently has daylight saving time. Emo indicates the wrong time. The one it indicates is one hour behind.

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @stefano.gallarini . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread for issues with wrong time showing on EMO.

You will need to set the location again in your app. If the location you had him on before this is the correct location for you, simply input that location again and it should correct the one hour time difference.

Let us know how it goes.

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Hi there @stefano.gallarini

you can also click the link below for more guide…

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Oh! Thanks. It worked! :slight_smile:

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