How to connect EMO to a mobile WIFI device

If you are planning on taking EMO out with you from time to time, maybe to go visit friends and family, or to take him to work or maybe just to grab a coffee at the local coffee shop, this simple guide will show you how to connect EMO to a mobile WIFI device so that EMO will have full functionality as he would when he’s at home.

The video below will walk you through the simple steps on how to get EMO connected to the internet using a mobile WIFI device.

Staring in this video is EMO:One! He beat EMO:Two in a best out of 3 Rock,Paper,Scissors match (even though he cheated) and happily came along to make this video and grab a coffee with me at the same time. :coffee:

Oh and for easy transport as always, I recommend taking EMO out in his original EMO box that he comes with.

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Hi thanks for another great video. Just a question if I may. Would you know if it is possible to use the hotspot on ones iphone that one would be using the Emo app on?

Yes it is possible to connect to a hotspot, just note that it must be a 2.4ghz wifi network as 5ghz is not supported.


So just to be clear, you can use the same iphone to have the hotspot for Emo and have the app running on the same phone?

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Yes it should be fine.


With no wifi and onely a mobile phone (mobile hotspot), can EMO connect to that? Or u must use a wifi other then from your mobile phone?

Hi there @rene.dormann

Relocating your query over here as it is related to the discussion. Please read the above previous post for more information that might help and guide you.

You can also click the link below for more guidelines

Mobile Wi-Fi: Connecting EMO to 4GEE, Netgear Router or Any

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Thx for that fast answere👍.
The thing is… I just have a Smartphone (Samsung S23)… that’s it. I don’t have enything else with “internet”, onely my Smartphone… Can I start, connect, update and run EMO?

@rene.dormann ,

You will need 2 Smartphones. just take note that it must be a 2.4ghz wifi network as 5ghz is not supported.

    1. Smartphones with internet access enabled Bluetooth that will serve as Wi-Fi or Hotspots.
    1. Smartphone with EMOPET APP enabled to be used and connect EMO to the #1 Smartphone.

Hope it helps


I wish Living Ai provided a travel kit case with a portable charger.

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