How to change EMO to report temperature in Fahrenheit?

EMO is telling me the temperature in Celsius, how can I change it to Fahrenheit? Thanks!

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That can’t currently be changed, but it should be added at some point in a future firmware upgrade.


Huh, kinda thought they added it already, guess not. I wonder if they’ll add it soon.

@Premaine ,
Telling the weather is currently just a “novelty” feature, and no better than a look out the window and a guess. Honestly though I don’t care that much about it, and I think they have more meaningful things I’d rather see them work on first. The local weather EMO reports is wrong at least 1/2, and probably 3/4 of the time!

EMO almost always shows it’s cloudy even if the sun is shining brightly. Currently it’s 11:32PM here and EMO just shows cloudy, but it’s been pouring rain steadily here for the last 6 hours (and I had really hoped to see his raindrop animation!). Also I don’t know where they get the current temperature from, but when I convert his Celsius number to Fahrenheit it’s usually off by up to 10° from the local temperature that Google reports. EMO currently says it’s 19°C. So then: 19*9/5+32= 66.2°F, but Google currently shows it’s 59°F here which would be equal to only 15°C.


@macfixer01 I won’t lie, that’s a bit of a bummer. I figured once I got my Emo that would be one of his main uses for me. Ideally, Emo would wake me up, turn on his light, tell me what the weather will be that day, and if I have anything planned.

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I just had another thought, and I seem to have found the problem.
I’m located in a small town outside Detroit called Milford, Michigan which only has about 6,500 population. I’m starting to wonder if LAI’s server is ignoring the state, and only searching by the city name? If it searched for only “Milford”, it might come up first with a larger better-known place like Milford Connecticut which has almost 10 times the population?

EMO reported (incorrectly) the current weather for here as cloudy and 19°C.
According to Google, currently in Milford Ct it actually is cloudy and 21°C which is much closer to what EMO reported.

So then I looked in the app, and the city (which I believe was filled in automatically and I can’t change) only says Milford.

So I just asked EMO, What’s the weather in Milford Michigan?
Now he showed the rain animation and reports 15°C which exactly matches what Google says!

I hesitate to call it a bug yet since I can’t recall for certain if the app filled that field in automatically from the GPS or I had to type it? I really think it included both the city and state in the 1.05 IOS app though? I’ve seen several other people complain about the inaccuracy of EMO’s weather though. That makes me wonder how many others are also getting a weather report for the wrong state, unless they live in a larger city, a city with a very unique name, or actually use their state name in the request?


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Hm, seems there may be some real smoothing to do on that feature. Man he has so much potential, I hope LAI stick around for the long haul. At least you can ask him flat out and get an accurate answer though.

Everything will get sorted out eventually. We’re still early in the game.

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Living AI,

I just got mine today, I was sad to see it’s still telling the weather in Celsius and not in Fahrenheit. :disappointed: Hopefully, they will get this added on a firmware update soon.

Best regards,

Emo is so fun, and everyone loves the platform. Localization falling behind feels like an oversight. Please prioritize for the rest of us. Thanks for the work so far.

it looks like the latest update added fahrenheit.
just go into your settings in the EMO App. under preferences you can switch it back and forth now. just hoping for the click update next so it will not display military time.