How much did you pay for customs clearance?

I want to get an emo but the customs clearance will cost 400$ and I think it’s ridiculous to pay more to get something into your country than the actual product you are buying. And it’s literally for nothing else other than just getting it into the country. I’m super duper frustrated and disappointed, this was the only time in my life that I actually wanted a product.

How much did you pay for customs?

What country? And from where and how did you obtain that number? Since this is your first post, you apparently read or assumed this, and didn’t previously ask others who actually received an EMO in your country already what (if anything) they paid? Because nobody else has reported any customs charges that high. I don’t know what your sources are but there are a few people here and on Facebook that spread false information whether through ignorance or in some cases maliciousness. You’ll even find a wealth of comments from people that don’t even have their EMO yet presenting their expert “advice”.

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I was told the customs are 1.24*(total price)+20. Total price (product+shipping) is 303$ for me. That makes it 395$ just for customs. Greece.

Each country is different on how they handle custom clearance charges. I live in Australia and our customs did not charge anything for EMO to pass through custom clearance.

Hopefully someone else in the forum who lives in Greece and has ordered an EMO will be able to confirm how much they had to pay to get EMO through Greek customs and advise you correctly.

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Greece, that’s EU, you will pay zero, because they send packages to EU via third country like Germany for example. So from the view of customs your package is going to be shipped from Germany and not from China. That’s great, right? :slightly_smiling_face:


This seems to be in line with what others have reported. Packages have been routed through Germany or the Netherlands to other countries.

The customs fee in turkey is very high 30 percent. I had canceled the order before for this reason. I wish the company could take care of this problem. like aliexpress.

My emo was in Netherlands