How much data does EMO use on a mobile hotspot?

I do have WIFI but my desk is pretty far from my router so the WIFI is a bit spotty where I am.
I’m considering using a WIFI hotspot on either my computer or phone.

Does anyone know how much data Emo generally uses if I were to create a hotspot using my phone? I don’t have a great phone data plan. If it was a little, it would be great because I could bring him around the house with me, but if it’s a lot I’ll have to use my computer.

That would be a pretty hard answer to provide accurately unless you have/use any sort of monitoring tools on your Wi-Fi to see exact numbers, this will also depend on what you get EMO to do as well. Maybe when he’s in an idle state he shouldn’t be using much, but once again this will be really hard to give an accurate number.

I’ll tag @Wayne_Zhang into this thread and see if he can give you a rough estimate on how much data EMO can potentially use.

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For what I have seen the biggest traffic block is the speech recognition and the speech synthesizes (TTS). For every sample he hears he send the audio file to the server to get the sentence, that audio file is around 100kb (have seen 155000 bytes as max.). If the needs to speak he get the required data from the server and they are up to 690000 bytes for a single answer.
The traffic depends highly on how you will use your emo, if he doesn’t have to listen and answer questions then the traffic for a complete day are only a few kilobytes of status reports. If you chat with him the entire day, it can easily sum up to 100 megabyte or more.


Thank you, this is very helpful!