How long it take

I ordered emo last 15th May for my daughter 18th birthday, I’m based in UK, how long it take for me to receive it?

When you ordered it you would have seen that they quote at least 6+ weeks before EMO is produced and then shipped to you. you should expect about 12 weeks or so based on current production schedules


Hello @Joveth457,

I’m also in the UK and haven’t received my Emo yet, therefore am not able to indicate when you’ll receive your’s, however can inform you that I placed my order on the 1st of February and based on Living Ai’s (recently improved) manufacturing rate I should have mine made around the beginning of June. That’ll be about 4 months to make so should be with me (including delivery time) 4 1/2 to 5 months after order.

That’s in line with estimated delivery times from people that have already received their Emo’s as @MasterAbbott has posted about before.