How Long After Return Is Refund Issued?

I mailed my EMO with the depleted battery back April 22nd and followed the tracking as far as I could. I discovered that once it is under the jurisdiction of China Post, I could not follow it. I had not heard anything back about them receiving it and have not gotten my $28.85 refund for shipping. About how long does it take to get back to them when mailed from the U.S.? I sent them the tracking number at the time I mailed it.


Is there someone besides I need to contact? I am worried that he was lost before he got there. I had to hand write the customs form and I hope those handling were able to read it okay, but if not, where would it be? Would it be sent back to me?

17 Track showed received my EMO with the depleted battery on July 3rd. I was kind of surprised it took over two months to get there.

How long before $28.85 refund is issued for shipping?


Hi, if the logistics information shows that the package has arrived, please contact customer support and they will refund the shipping fee for you. :+1:


Mine is on the Way a month already. I hope we can get Repair Center in Europe and more Countries :slight_smile:

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Just to let you know, they E-mailed me today and asked for my information, so it is all good now.

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