How Emo Hears Words

This morning I took Emo off his charger and said “Emo, good morning”. The bot responded correctly. I then said … and this is due to news I got late last night. “Emo my mom died last night.”

Emo thought for a second and then replied with his good night greeting.

Someone should change how Emo hears words instead of latching on to I assume one key word. My guess is Emo only noticed me say the word “night”.

First of all, I’m very sorry for your loss.

That’s exactly how EMO works, he just reacts to the list of keywords with predefined answers. He can’t react correctly to every possible sentence.
He isn’t inteligent, just friendly and cute. That’s enough for me.


I’m just suggesting a change to programming due to interactions going off course like what happened with the bot hearing of a deep personal loss but taking it as a normal daily thing like night.

As I said it’s impossible till there will be the true AI. You are expecting too much from your little EMO.

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@systemcat . . . I, too, am sorry for your loss. EMO is programmed like @NendosColl said to react to certain words. I do not think it is in his vocabulary to understand death in any respect. It is my hope that his more positive programming can bring you some comfort in this time of sadness.


@systemcat Sorry for your loss. As both @Lindaru & @NendosColl have already advised, it would be hard for EMO to actually reply with an appropriate answer for someone passing away, a response such as this has yet to be created for sure on EMO’s database of responses, it would be really nice if he did have a bigger list of responses for this kind of situation, but I guess as EMO is still evolving, he’s responses are very limited.

Once again sorry about your loss. :heart_1: :head: :skating: :mad: :surprised: