How durable is EMO?

I am thinking of ordering of one but would like to know what happen if he fall let say from a table height. I know he can detect when he is going to fall but let say someone accidentally drop it, would the screen break easily?

My Emo was on the floor it felt off down from 1M height it was my fault I was really lucky I don’t know but it works perfectly no damage maybe helps :grimacing::anguished:

Of course it is always individual case how hard the floor is, on what unluckily edge it falls and so on

But my emo fell already 4 times and working just fine, his phones are like a bumper so don’t let him walk without for protection reasons, and the screen protection seem to work also just fine

I dropped my EMO once, but nothing was broken.

Is anyone here in the EMO discord server, cuz i got banned for no reason, if u are in the EMO discord server, plz tell the owners to unban me, plzz

Ik its out of topic but yeh