How does LivingAI store data?

good morning, is there an explanation somewhere regarding the processing of the camera and microphone data?

I would like to incorporate emo into a robot project in a kindergarten.
However, I can only do that if LivingAI does not save any camera and microphone data. Especially the camera.

Can someonee say something about that?

Photos are stored locally on EMO only. The only way to get the photos off EMO is via the App and you then select to download them to your tablet/phone. After that it depends on how you have configure your photos to be stored in that device if they might be then sent to your icloud/google account etc.

As for microphone, EMO listens for his wake word, once he hears it he listens for up to about 10 seconds before sending that to the amazon voice processing servers for speech to text conversion. If it lines up with a specific command then EMO is told to execute that command, otherwise it’s ignored and EMO gives the “huh” response. I am not aware that they store this data for any period of time, but will tag @Wayne_Zhang for him to please confirm if they store this and for how long.

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Thank you very much. then I could use emo. I wonder if voice commands are saved to improve emo.
But that the camera data is only local is very good

Also @ioannis if I can provide some further help with regard to Photo info, I’ve created a video on how to take photos and how photo management works. Feel free to take a look below:

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unfortunately that doesn’t answer my question. I was only interested in data processing. have a great day

Hi, like Wayne Small said, photos are only stored locally. And we only store voice commands into text in an anonymous manner. Audio files will not be saved.

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Thank you very much, then I will build it into my robot project.

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