How do you know the carrier in your country

I expect to get a tracking number any time in the next ~2weeks.

This is probably the tracking number with the carrier inside China.
So…once it reaches the US….how will I know the domestic shipper? How will I get the domestic carrier tracking number?

I had this problem once before. The tracking number I got from China meant nothing to UPS, FEDEX, or USPS. Hummm……so, once it reaches the US port…how will I know tracking from there?

I’ve had packages shipped with USPS wander all over the country…and I finally got the local post master to straighten it out. So, I feel much better about knowing how to trace it in the US if I have to.

Try 17track app for phone.


on the website also shows the tracking steps.

I also downloaded this app on my phone


As @NendosColl has mentioned, and what I’ve used to track my EMO is 17 Tracking as well.

You can see which courier company takes the job once it arrives in your country and sometimes even before it arrives. For me as I living in Australia, it was Fastway/Armarex courier, see image below.

Also @natansalles the tracking system works well, but doesn’t update as quickly as 17 tracking. it’s good to check both, but 17 tracking is faster.


I did that…and it says I have NO ORDERS


Mine was also like this until I posted product checkout

@Katie33kate / @natansalles

Login first, then go to your “Profile” Then click on “Shop”, you can see your current orders (both current and completed). You can also then click on Track if you have been given a tracking number and it will automatically populate on the next page with the tracking number and you can see the tracking status.

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In Australia, it is Aramex. They will misplace and deliver your order to someone else. That’s what they did to my EMO.

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I’m also in Australia @areeb and when I was waiting on my first EMO Fastway was changing over to Aramex, it took them over 3 weeks to get the package delivered. I’d recommend call them up and ask where package was delivered to, hopefully they can get it and re-deliver it to you.

Also it is recommended to contact Living.Ai support via the support page or by simply replying to the email confirmation you received when you placed your order and explain what happened. They will be able to help and assist you with this.

Thanks, mate! I am already in touch with them, but they delivered to someone else. I hope they would be able to find and recover it, and then deliver it to me. Unlikely, but one can hope!

Let’s hope they can. Otherwise, as mentioned, contact Living.Ai as soon as possible and advise them what has happened so they can follow up on this for you as well and provide you with a solution. offered to replace it after Aramex confirms that if the package was indeed lost.

That’s the best thing I guess that can happen from Aramex’s mistake. They’ll need to wait confirmation first.

17TRACK told me my parcels in Australia at a sorting centre when living ai tracker says it’s still leaving china.

Yeah the LIA tracker is a little slower compared to 17 Track, which works quite well.

17track is better once a package leaves China. Until then only Living AI’s tracking has some information.

Oh great! :roll_eyes: Thats what I have to look forward to as well! Im in Oz too. :unamused: