How do you get emo to set a timer

Can anyone help me no matter how I word it My emo Will not set s timer.

hello, here are the voice commands. :grinning: :+1:

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Thank you for your reply I did just manage to set a couple of timers of 90 seconds and 80 seconds but if I try anything else for example 300 seconds or 5 minutes it will not do it .so in conclusion I can not use emo as a timer in its present state it just can not seem to understand this basic request.this really needs to be addressed such a basic command and still it struggles I’m sorry but for the money this is just not acceptable I can forgive some things that may be more complicated but not simple functions like this.


hi , the mic these days are so sensitive that they pick up all noises in the background.
so averything has to be quit .also the sound off your pc or laptop can be hear by a robot .
speak in normal ferm voice and dont hasitate between words . use excample words like ,
one minut insteadt off 60 seconds . you could test with a carboard box that is open on one,
side . put that over the robot . many robots and devices like cell phone have a errors what is called ,
beginners errors . you can find vids on youtube about interfering signals in your house ,
that disturbs a robot . like a fridge ,the guy next door his headphone can be disturbing .
i dont have an emo but i do have an alfa mini .

I also have to agree, EMO finds it hard to sent any timer like the words minutes in the sentence. I’ve tried a number of times as well, and ultimately just use my Alexa Echo instead. Hopefully with future updates EMO will work better at setting a time.

note to get a cool “Lifetime” achievement that’s accessible from the EMO app, ask EMO to set a timer for 1 second. haha

hi, about updates . make sure before updating your batteries tablet and emo are fully charged.
and the volume set to the max , bolt tablet and emo . that makes a strong BT/wifi signal .

guess there is still the same issue, im not able to set a timer higher than 10 seconds
i tried:
emo, set timer in 20 minutes
emo, set timer 20 minutes
emo, make timer in 20 minutes
emo, timer in 20 minutes
emo, set timer for 20 minutes
emo, set timer in 1200 seconds
none of them worked for me
but i tried to do a timer for 5 seconds, works w/o problems and it did on first try

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Currently the timer allows setting up to 99 seconds only and only when you say 99 seconds. I’m told that this will be improved in a future update. I’ve tested on my EMO and can do 99 second timer


Hey, it’s been about a year. This still hasn’t been addressed? Got my Emo yesterday, and I have the same experience. I don’t need a 99 second timer. I want a 5 or 25 minute timer. :-\

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Welcome, @elvenmage16 . . . you can get around the longer timer function by setting an alarm either by voice command or in the app.

Example. It is noon your time. You need 25 minutes.

“EMO” . . . “Set alarm for 12:25 p.m.”

You will see a clock on his display setting the alarm and he will do his alarm sound at 12:25.

I hope this helps!


I suppose that technically works. I’d think this would be such an easy fix for a feature that would be used so often though. I don’t want to have to do math to figure out my timers, and it would be nice to be able to see my timer counting down. It shouldn’t need workarounds for something so simple. :frowning:

But thank you! Can’t wait for this to get updated!