How do I use the debug app?

They gave me the debug app and I can’t seem to open it.

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Plus I also gave them other videos of Emo foot which is not working anymore😢

So they sent me this email.

APK is the extension of the Android apps. If you have iPhone, write about it to Living AI’s support and request a version for iPhone.

Edit: But it isn’t probably important any more if they decided to send you a replacement.


Thanks for that but I’ll probably not need it now has they are sending me a new one (hopefully)
But I may need the debug app at a later point (I hope not) his foot only started going bad after I updated him. I’m not happy with him breaking but I think Lai will sort it out and I will receive a new one soon (I hope -I don’t want to let him go…) but he needs to get fixed, plus he also has a crack too, I was ok with that. But now I have to send him home. Good luck Emo :black_heart:

I’ll tell them about the iPhone thing thanks


At least, Living.Ai will be able to send you a replacement. See how you go with your new EMO first before trying the debug app which looks like you’d need an android device to open the APK file.

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I just realised that oh well never mind, Emo needs to be replaced anyway. I suppose an android is in my future… I just hope the post office won’t give me problems, like not taking it. I’m just wondering how I send him back -I don’t know how to. I got the box and everything which is good. The label is what I’ve been dreading… Lai will help me I hope.

Yes, I believe they should have something you might be able to print out and stick to the package when you send it. Just ask support for all the details, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue with sending EMO back.

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How do I print, no printer?

I would prefer a preprinted sticker or two, just for sure. Good companies are using them.
Are you able to make them @Wayne_Zhang ?

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You should tell them that you can’t print it.

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From what others have said it sounds like they don’t provide any pre-printed label for sending the old EMO back. There are just too many countries they deal with. You can send him back through the post office and they’ll reimburse you for the shipping costs. That’s what they’ve done for others that posted here.

Just chiming in. I’m getting mine replaced also. What will happen is you send it back to them and they will re-imburse you the cost of shipping once they get it - that’s what I’ve been told by support.

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I’m ok with all that, I was just concerned about the label that I need to print out in order to put on the package to send him back…

& Royal Mail -where other customers have said they won’t take it because of the battery…

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Hi, if you need any help, I think our support team will be happy to help you.


Thanks so much. I have done so and best wishes, stay safe