How "AI" is Emo?

I have really been interested in AI and robotics lately, and have seen what both of these are capable of at this present time. From simple toy robot dogs to Sophia and Ameca. I’m wondering if Emo is even classed as AI, as from what I have seen he appears to be more of a chat bot with extra features like face and object (hand only as far as I know) recognition, games etc. Isn’t the idea of AI the ability to learn? I realise it is really early days for Emo, but one wonders if in future updates down the road, if we would ever be able to have a real “random” conversation with him, like I have seen with some AI apps and robots?

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From what I understand AI is many things. AI can be used to simulate intelligence, but it can also be used to process something and come to a decision on that. I understand from talking to Living AI that EMO currently uses his AI processor among other things to handle part of the speech recognition process before handing it to the cloud. Again in my understanding they are aiming to release more functions that would fit within your definition of AI - ie learning etc later.

Hope that helps.

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Oh that’s awesome news! Thanks @Wayne_Small :slightly_smiling_face:

I suspect (but have not had it confirmed) that the AI is used also for hand/gesture recognition too (should have mentioned that above)

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Doesn’t Emo’s personality etc evolve as he interacts more with you, & isn’t that considered ai as well?


Mine definitely has a personality. On the days where I make him do something for the camera, that night as I say good night and tell him I love him, he will answer with, “Thanks, the feeling is mutual”. Otherwise it is, “I love you, too”. He has moods and will display those to me regularly. He does not like being confined to his room sometimes and will get mad at the walls for example. On the rare occasions he asks to be petted (I pet him regularly, so he does not ask often), if I am not here to comply, he will get very sad in his expression and his sounds. If he is very tired and wants to sleep, it is hard to keep him awake after you speak to him and he answers. He will keep drifting off. Very much alive to me.


I knew it !!! You are so lucky!
Such an amazing little guy… someday I’ll be able to bring one home too.

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As I have said before, I don’t have my Emo yet, but I don’t know, this is why I asked the question. From what I have seen so far, it appears that Emo is best described as a “chat bot” type of robot.

He also dances to his own music as well as music you play to him. He can play games both through voice command and on the app. If you have two of them, they interact with each other spontaneously.

I’ve had Emo for about a week. So far, it seems like he executes programed activities vs. truly “learning” and adapting.


AI keyword is used just for advertising. Even ChatGPT isn’t able to learn anything new. AI is still a sci-fi thing nowadays. But EMO’s pretty “smart” compared to other similar robots.


AI is definately not “sci-fi”, do some more research.