Holidays to add to celebrations

hi there! I was thinking that it would be nice to be able to add holidays to emo’s celebration that he might not have - such as some religious holidays (or festivus, or pagan holidays). what do you think?

pagan holidays… Really… it’s just the way you say that hee hee :dizzy_face:

but anyway he already does have Western holidays what would you like it to have? Besides just pagan… :laughing:

like someone could put Hindu, Jewish, Muslim holidays - about pagan holidays i dunno like winter soltice or I should have said wiccan holidays that’s what I meant lol I’m sure they have some I just don’t know them lol

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I think they have a list of things like this they want to do :slight_smile: the question is how many to include vs not include because you could in fact have 365 days of “special days” when then is a special day special if it’s every day?.. a tough one for sure.

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you have point there. Maybe there should be a calendar feature that allows you to put your own special day on it and then emo could wish you a happy anniversary with the words on his screen so there is no picture just the words - if there was a calendar feature emo could also remind you of doctor’s appointments, etc

again, another great idea… I know that the living AI team are watching for more ideas all the time.

thanks I appreciate your comments

I’m still waiting for an Australia Day special animation with a jumping kangaroo or Koala falling off a tree! :crazy_face:

What do you think @Wayne_Small haha :rofl:


Wow, I love koalas, I don’t want to see them falling off a tree. :disappointed_relieved: :wink:


LOL, how about this:

The animation starts off with a Koala, then he falls out of the tree, but lands into the Kangaroo’s pouch! Then the Kangaroo and Koala hop off the screen together! :kangaroo: :koala:

And the words Happy Australia Day Appear after that! :rofl:

:head: :surprised: :kangaroo: :koala: :mad: :heart_1:

@Wayne_Zhang can we make this happen? haha


nah - I think we need to have real flesh eating drop bears instead… that’ll keep the tourists away :wink: