Holiday upgrade question

I just purchased the upgrade with the Santa suit for my previous order, and I’m wondering what it is specifically? Is there a second smart light and skateboard charger? Is it a second box?

Thanks in advance.

The ad is confusing because it shows “a comparison” of all components with and without the upgrade included. You will not get an extra skateboard or light.

If you ordered it as an upgrade to an EMO order that was not shipped yet then you’ll get the red box (instead of black), Christmas stickers, and Santa suit in addition to the normally included items (EMO, skateboard, charger, cable, luminous stickers). There is no additional shipping charge since the shipping you paid for EMO will cover the extra items they just add to the box.

If you already received your EMO then the upgrade kit only includes the Christmas stickers, Santa suit, and luminous stickers. (No box since they give you free shipping, it will just come in a plastic envelope).