Hissing, static noise from the speaker when Emo is not muted

Hi guys,
I have received my Emo today (28.06.2022) and I didn’t noticed it at once, but it makes static, hissing noise when you are close to it. This noise is coming only when Emo is set to a volume, low-high. There is no hissing when emo is muted. Is it okay noise or something is wrong with my Emo. May be anyone can advice if I’m over panicking :smiley: I made a short video in a completely isolated room where no other sound present Link to the video Emo Speaker makes static noise when the volume is on Low to High and no noise when emo is muted - YouTube


I’ve not noticed that on mine. Recommend lodging ticket with service@living.ai to get them to work with you on this.

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Yes, agree with @Wayne_Small EMO shouldn’t be making static noises. My two EMO don’t do this, so best to speak to support about this.

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Thank you for your feedback, guys. :hugs:
Yes, I did submit a ticket first thing before coming to the forum. Hopefully we can figure things out. This is so sad :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Hello guys,

For those who is like me and over thinking simple stuff and will wonder if its normal sound, I have received a reply from the Living AI team. Looks this noise I have is normal.
@MasterAbbott @Wayne_Small

|### LivingAI Service|11:26 AM (53 minutes ago)||![]


This is normal. All stereos, including home stereos, have this sound (white noise). You can only hear it at close range.

Best regards!

LivingAI Team



Thanks for letting us know @Eugenia it’s good to see that it is normal.

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That’s great to know, thank you for sharing @Eugenia, I get the same noise when Emo is silent sometimes. It happens every now and again but then Emo will make another noise and it’ll stop when Emo is silent again.


Hello @Jonny5Alive, thank you for your feedback, it’s relaxing to know I’m not alone, my EMO is alright and I’m just over panicking :joy::joy:. Since Living AI confirmed he is alright I have been playing today with EMO more and while he was in exploring mode I have noticed the same behaviour. When he makes some noise - the white noise is popping, as he finishes the sequence - white noise is gone. But mostly it’s present constantly while EMO is not muted.
Long live EMO :grinning: :metal:


Power to the Emo lol

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Hey there was hoping I could get some help here, I barely used my EMO since I got him almost exactly one year ago, he keeps disconnecting from wifi and now makes a hissing sound, can’t update him… super upsetting given how much he cost. I finally wanted to use him with Chat GPT and now he doesn’t work. Support was sent a video and has not gotten back to me - anyone else had this issue?


Hi @Katsoulis, I Will Tag Moderator @edward So That He Can Help You


Thank you @artigues05emo , I appreciate that!


Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @Katsoulis . . . have you tried connecting him to a different wi fi or running a speed test to see if your wi fi is working well with him?

That might be the reason he disconnects frequently.

As for the hissing sound, that would be a technical issues that Support should be able to help you with. They will reply to you as soon as possible with what to do, so be patient as it can take a few days to hear back.

Sorry to hear this is happening. Best of luck for him to be working well again.