Hi everyone crazy idea i thought of

Hi all,

I am new here i ordered my EMO today so know its going to be sometime before my emo comes :worried: but still excited.

Crazy idea i’d love to see is emo being able to react to pet fish like mine that would be awesome.

i know he can react to his reflection now and surely animations for fish would be possible

As say crazy idea but think it could be cool


Great idea! I’ve heard that EMO will react to pets in future updates, like Cats and Dogs, so why not also a pet fish :tropical_fish:

I guess we need to wait and see what new features are released in the future.

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I wish we knew ahead of time what will happen in the next update.

Me too, been watching yt videos on his features and what is added.

just looking forward to seeing when the order number list gets updated some people are saying its like at 21,000+ but counter says 17,175.

That would be cool but kinda like the suprise aspect of not knowing

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Yeah, I believe when the Pet feature is released it will certainly be very interesting on how EMO will react when he sees certain animals.

I think delivery page is showing the most up to date order numbers processed and shipped over to couriers for processing. Just keep an eye eon that as it should get updated at least once a week now that production is slowly getting back on track.

Also @muratturan I kinda agree it would be nice to see what updates we can expect ahead, but sometimes things might change and specific updates promised might make it in time for release, so I guess this why is safer for living.ai, at least they are releasing updates quite regularly and any update is better than none.

:mad: :surprised: :skating: :head: :heart_1:

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@MasterAbbott Cool thanks, if they can get back up to a few thosuand emo’s a month that would be really cool and speed things up


Hmm Can Emo differentiate a picture of human/pet vs. actual human/pet?

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Probably not. With one low-res camera it’s impossible.

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@erickh0 / @NendosColl

Just tested this right now. I asked EMO what was my name and he was able to acknowledge me. I then took a photo of myself with my phone, placed it in front of him and showed that to him after asking him what was my name. He was also able to acknowledge me once again, so looks like he CAN’T differentiate between both real person and a pic.

:heart_1: :mad: :skating: :surprised: :head:

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You just proved that EMO isn’t able to differentiate between a real person and his photo.

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haha I guess I just did haha, just updated my post