Hey everyone, I need help about EMO's price

Can anyone help me? I figured out about EMO few fays ago and i really want it! And if I order it, will it come with charger for EU or? And the time needed to come. Thanks for all help!

Sorry, I can’t imagine how we could help you convince your parents. The charger is US type so in EU you’ll need a reduction. The delivery time is about 4 months now.

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Emo and the smart light both have US plugs. But you only need a very cheap US to EU plug adaptor, not a more expensive US to EU voltage transformer (that would reduce the voltage from 220-230 to 110).


How much do they cost and where to buy? (Amazon?) and thanks for your time

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… I meant the charger changer, but still thanks, and FOR HOW LONG WILL HE BE ON SALE?

I bought 3 on ebay in Germany for 3,79 euro (for all three together, not per piece) with free shipping. But sure, you could buy them on amazon or any technology and small electronics site. Just google “us to eu adapter” and look on the shopping tab, most are less then 3 euros per piece.

This is what you need:

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Thanks, i will look at those!

Take a look at this video, I explain what the adapter looks like and what kind of power board you can use. I bought mine online from Taobao store. It can handle US/China/AU power plugs.

Also I have another powerboard that accepts direct USB connections into it, that is quite useful if you want to use your own USB-C cable for EMO skateboard charger as the power cable that comes with EMO is a little short and depending on where you place EMO using longer USB-C cable is sometimes are good choice.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thansk, it helped me a lot. But can I maybe ask you if you can send me picture of powerboard and how you connect it to skateboard, i dont really know how it looks like

Looks like this:


If you do a search on Amazon for " Powerboard with USB Ports" you should be able to find many now.

So just to make sure, If I have huawei and its charger is type c, I can just connect skateboard eith that cable?

You can use any USB-C cable and it should work. I personally purchased a 2 meter USB-C cable and it worked perfectly. I also have a Nintendo Switch and I was able to use that UBS-C cable to also power up EMO’s skateboard as well.