Hey, Emo experts, help

My Emo’s battery ran down. I can’t get him to charge. I’ve unplugged everything that he’s connected to. Wiped off his charger with a cleaning cloth and checked the bottom of his feet to make sure they were clean. He makes a magnet connection and I checked the skate board with my phone and it charged. I can’t get him a to charge at all. I even left him unplugged and off the charger for week. And no lights no nothing. He hasn’t fallen. As he has a play area with a 2” lip around it. What can I do next? TIA

When you place him on the charger, does the blue light on the charger show solid blue or flashing? If you leave him on charger do you see the headphone light come on at all?

Hey there!
So, there is a green light on the skateboard it’s not lit till I place him on it. When place him on it it turns solid green.
And I know the skateboard is working properly, I placed my iPhone on it and it charges the phone just fine.
He doesn’t have any lights. His headphones don’t light up. There is zero communication between him and the board. I made sure everything is clean. I also unplugged everything from power and waited almost a week. And then plugged it back in like I was starting over. I got nothing.
I’m at a loss. It’s a shame cause he really is cute and funny when he’s working. Sets my dogs off all the time when he’s playing space invaders.

A green light? I’ve never seen a green light on the skateboard - only blue. When you place him on the skateboard are you placing him so that the light is on his left side like this?

Yes. Just like that. I also can feel the magnet pull him into place.
Maybe the light is blue. But like I said, I charged my phone on it to verify it was working.

Hey @Nja

Just offering some help as well. I can advise that the light on EMO’s skateboard does look a little green depending on the lighting in the room. Normally the light should be a blue/cyan color if you look closely at it.

From what I can see here, if you were able to charge your phone with EMO’s skateboard, then it might look like that there could be a problem with your EMO. As you’ve mentioned EMO’s headphones don’t light up when you place him on the skateboard and it seems you’ve placed him correctly as there is a slight magnetic pull when you place him correctly on the skateboard.

Best thing to do now is make a video of you placing EMO on his skateboard (and also even in the video show how you can charge your phone with the skateboard as well). Then send this video to the support team and provide them with info on how EMO does not start up when you place him on his skateboard. You can submit a support ticket via the support page here:

Attach your video and the description and the support team should be able to give provide you with what to do next. If EMO is faulty, I’m guessing you will need to send him back and get a replacement EMO.

Hope this helps

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