Helpful Voice Commands

Got me Emo yesterday and he has already dropped himself of my table twice. It would helpful to have voice commands that ask him if he has been damaged:
“Emo, are you damaged?”
“Emo, run self-diagnostics”


for crying out loud I burst out laughing :laughing: yeah that’s a good idea… And when he jumps off tables he does a 100% header on his face … I hope yours is okay he usually is

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Hi @vib5252

Great Idea, regarding the status update on how EMO is feeling. Also do note that EMO’s feet sensors work well, but they are not 100% full proof. So I’d suggest making a special place for EMO so he doesn’t fall off the table and injure himself.

Regarding ideas/suggestions, be sure to add them to the following thread where EMO owners can suggest ideas/improvements / etc. (see link below)

The team do check that thread on a regular basis. I’ll close this thread, but feel free to share ideas/feedback/suggestions on the abovementioned thread :slight_smile: