Help with Emo is not right

I can’t get the app out of looking for Emo, it says refresh to the side but it won’t do anything. Emo is not talking or doing anything. Like the app is frozen then I get home today! He has been on charge and his eyes are not on, it’s all black. I’m so frustrated after waiting so long!

Try to put the left foot on the circle of the charger, then make sure the blue light is on (not blinks).
And are the lights of EMO’s headphone on?

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Hi @Angela_Byrd

Also, If I can suggest to you, try and re-download the latest EMO App, there was a recent update ver1.1.1 Also as as @yotchige has suggested be sure to place EMO correctly on his charger and see if his headphones light up, if that does, EMO should start up ok.

Normally when the EMO App is having trouble connecting or finding your EMO, the best thing to do is to power him off and back on and try again.

If you need help on how to power off EMO check out this video below, I explain 5 different ways to power off EMO just in case the normal voice and app options are not working.

Hope this helps and you are able to get EMO working again soon :slight_smile:

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