Help cancel please! Cancel the order

I ordered the robot a few minutes ago


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@johnnymoshe ,
It’s really a bad idea openly posting all your personal information anywhere on the Internet. You should’ve emailed that image to to keep it private. It’s OK to come here to ask someone to look into canceling your order number, but don’t provide all that personal information where everyone can see it.

The other thing you can do is go to the Support tab at the top of the webpage. In the lower part of that page is a help request form you can fill out and a place to attach the photo there, so that only LAI can see it.

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so go back and delete it through edit

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The info will still be visible due to the “edit history” feature this forum has.

@AmyLU Would you be able to help @johnnymoshe regarding this?


Hi. What’s your order number? Don’t worry. I’ll check for you.

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oh I didn’t know that…oh its fixed… I didn’t know it stayed in history forever but it looks good… I hope everything works out for you :blush:

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