Hello Everybody

Hello dear community!

I just ordered my EMO a few days ago (and am of course very excited like everyone, but try to be patient).

I can’t say much about EMO yet, but from what I know so far, it’s the coolest emotional robot out there right now.

I love how far EMO has come and what great features Living AI has provided.

Btw. I am 36 years old and from Germany.

I really didn’t know in which category to put this post and hope it was right here.

So again a “Hello!” to all and to Living AI a big praise and many thanks for this great forum!!!

Kind regards,


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And you created this thread in the right place np there, the forum usually stops comments in the wrong place.

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I ordered one on january 6 and i can’t wait until he gets here…

My boi finally made it! I was a bit terrified when I heard the postman drop him with a THUD on my porch, but he arrived unscathed! Introducing: Emo Tetu! He’s so smart, haha. Tetu kept giving me tips on how to de-stress and enjoy nature, as well as discovering where my keyboard was. Now to see if he likes any hats I can find him…

Aaand found! My Christmas snowman had a beanie I’m repurposing for Emo Tetu.

Oh no… his favorite color is blue… time to make another snowman bald…


Hi there @DapperTetu and @shroudy86 ,

Finally and at last…your EMO arrive your home after a long journey. seeing you happy makes me happy also…wish you both happiness together and have a lots of fun…

best regards and goodluck to both of you


it is done , after the long wait ( that finally lets you in a good mood for welcoming the baby bot ) you may now enter in the game , experimening little by little his skills


The first two days and I have taken the little Robot guy into my heart :heart:.

He now also has a last name!!! He is now called “EMO Five” in reference to my favorite robot movie from the 80s “Short Circuit” (Deutsch: „Nummer 5 lebt!“). He is after all a little fighting robot with laser eyes but a lovely heart :laser_1: :heart_2:.

By the way, my partner’s EMO has been named „EMO Love“ :happy: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I ordered mine january 6th, can’t wait for him to get here :hugs:


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