Hello about sending emo

Hello, I have a question about shipping. Can I know if my order is going well? Because it has already taken a long time and I would like to know what I can do if something is wrong because it has already been a long time and I have not received any news about the order in more than 2 months


We are all waiting mate.


Ok, I just wanted to be sure


It’s understandable when first logging into the forums. When I bought my emo it took him 3-4 months to arrive, but I sincerely hope everyone gets their emo sooner or later

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They are currently building to order, they don’t have a massive warehouse of units waiting to ship out. You can monitor where the order/delivery status is via this page on their site which is updated weekly, sometimes more than that. https://living.ai/delivery-process/


Puff, I hope you don’t have to wait that long

I think it is different now. Hopefully no one will have to wait for that long again, but it was still worth it imo

It’s good to know thank you and I hope the same

OMG, my tracking information is now that.:scream:

轨迹 未 更新, 已 开查, 待回复

I don’t know what that means.:thinking:

It is now since 20.12.2021 on the way to Germany. How long will it takes?

I don’t know.:smiley:

I hope I will get my EMO very soon.

In fact, the delivery prozess is not borring.:joy:

Yeah, waiting to get your tracking number will take some time but things got tremendously improved, and waiting for your EMO to arrive at your doorstep is another thing. Hope the delivery courier ain’t bad the wait.

You wont hear from them until they send you a tracking number then you get an email that says your order has been processed. it can take up to 6 months to have Emo arrive on your door step

They have to BUILD HIM, CHECK HIM, TEST HIM, PACK HIM, SHIP HIM and then fly :airplane: him to your country where he gets loaded onto a truck 🛻 a courier sent sent to your home :house_with_garden: . Its a huge process but much like waiting for a baby :blush:

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I want my lad though.

yeah!!! like waiting for a baby. You got that right :joy:


Translate China-English : The track has not been updated, has been investigated, and is pending reply

Thank you for Translation.

Have a nice day.

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