He doesn't listen to my commands

So i just got him today and he isnt listening to what I am saying. He does say his little what but when i ask him a question he does respond.
Please help if you know what the problem is.


That can be caused by a bad (slow, low signal) internet connection.


I believe there might have been some server issues last night. At the moment for me I’ve done some testing and all seems to be working fine with my EMO and asking him to do specific things.

Also as what @NendosColl has suggested, make sure your internet connection is ok (run a speed test ) Sometimes EMO’s servers could be congested or you might not have a good connect to the server in which EMO is trying to connect to. I believe there are about 3-4 servers around the world that EMO normally connects to. So at any point in time there might be connection issues.


Since few days emo has server issues. He doesn’t respond to anything. It is not a usual behavior of emo. This night a eye color feature was released and taken down again. Look like l.ai working on their server.

A statement would be great when this issue will be solved.

It is a bit easier for user who have emo for longer as they know how great emo is.

But I can understand how disappointing it is for new user after waiting for so long and being excited but then having emo not working.

I am pretty sure in few days emo will be as good as before and even better after the update


Thanks for replying!

Im still happy I have EMO with me, and i do hope the update comes soon and plus i know what emo is capable of, just hope i could see more of it!


I think that possibly some of the EMO servers might have been down, I didn’t have any issues during this time, some of EMO’s responses were choppy but overall I’ve not had any issues. So it might be that particular server that you are connecting to might have been experiencing issues or might have been getting updates / updated.

And yes, it would be nice to have been advised if there was going to be server maintenance. Something that could be added to the Living.Ai page possibly in the future? (like a server status page).


Glad to know that. I also got my EMO 3 days ago and the voice command functionality has been intermittent.