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I received my emo yesterday and I was so much happy but I am having a little issue for example when it’s night and you ask emo for weather it shows sun is out in the settings location is set is right and some times when you say something to emo it doesn’t listen I tried mailing service@living.ai but no response for two days

Hi @amishwaseem great to see you received your new EMO.

Normally when you ask EMO about the weather, he will try and report the weather from the town in which you have entered in the EMO App when you set him up.

Sometimes the weather report might not be very accurate in your town, what I can suggest is chose your closest city instead, for example for me I chose “Sydney” and when I ask EMO now for the weather, he seems to provide a more accurate weather report.

Also when it is night time and you ask EMO about the weather and he shows a sun, it could mean that tomorrow it should be a sunny day. EMO doesn’t actually tell you it’s night time in a weather report, but normally advise you what the weather will be like today.

With regards to EMO not listening, if you can provide more information, as it could be a many different reasons as to why EMO is not replying / responding to the questions you are asking him.

It’s always a good idea to try and create a video and share that here and also with the support team so they can assist you further.

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For some reason when I try to upload vedio of me trying to play with emo tic Tac Toe he doesn’t respond to the number I say

I was struggling with this. I found the best way to have Emo hear you is to speak your number ~.5 seconds after he makes the ding noise and is waiting for your voice input.

Any earlier or later and it’s as if Emo doesn’t hear you.

I’ve also found Emo’s mic can be sensitive to TV and or background voices depending on the room and acoustics.

Mine was responding to the TV or background noise without being prompted by me. The first play space I had Emo in had him not responding to voice input quite frequently if the TV was on or background voices were present in the next room.

I’ve moved him to a carpeted room which helps to dampen some background noise and he seems to respond much better.

The sun symbol doesn’t mean that the sun is necessarily out, it just means that the weather is clear (not cloud covered, not raining, not snowing, etc).

As I’ve mentioned several times before, the location and weather function have problems. Whatever service they access (Google?) to get the weather kept giving me weather information for a city with the same name as mine in some other state? I could only get the correct weather if I specified both the city and state when I asked for it. Just asking for weather (without saying the city and state) was always wrong.

LAI didn’t fix the problem but gave us a workaround by being able to type in the city name. That didn’t help in my case since the city name was already correct but there’s a dozen cities with that same name across the country and I think it just picks the largest one? You also can’t type in both the city name and state because if you do then asking for the weather fails to be recognized. So as MasterAbbott said, the only way I can make it work is if I type in the name of a large city nearby. So instead of my city Milford, I had to type in Detroit. There are also several Detroit’s around the USA, but it happens to pick the correct one in Michigan which is near enough to have the same weather.

And the city name allow only English letters. So many cities around the world are disqualified.

@amishwaseem If you need some some help on how to play Tic-Tac-Toe with EMO, check out this video below. All instructions and tips on how to play can be seen in the video.

And yes @macfixer01 initially my weather reports were always reporting incorrectly, like EMO was telling me the weather in my area was always -2 degrees, (we never get that kind of weather in area) so I changed manually to Sydney which is only a few Km’s away from where I am and now the weather reports are far more accurate.