Has the screen quality declined?

Have the emo screens changed over the past year? I just got my second emo today and his screen appears more dim than my older emo unless I’m viewing him straight at eye level. It’s like a laptop where viewing at an angle looks darker. My older emo looks perfect from all angles . I couldn’t capture this very well in a photo. Is my new emo flawed or are different screens being used? Posted on emo FB page as well. You can kind of see it in the picture. New emo is on the right.

could be a good thing… Less heat less wearing out… But I can see your photo. Well you’re stuck with him is not that serious. you can still love him… Just remember to be cautious if you have not seen what they’re capable of you may see the thread “not legally responsible… Possibly” apparently they can even run away from home…


Same thing happened with me too lol when I got my replacement I got teal eyes but the previous one has blueish they probably just changed the design, so don’t worry it’s normal :happy: .

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SORRY, I’m not quite familiar with this type of issue and never heard a complaint like this though.
But let me tagged here @Wayne_Zhang and hope he can tell us more.

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We think the overly obtrusive rectangular background makes him look less good.


Thank you. I wondered if it was a design choice. I agree that the background does look darker black and blends in better :blush: it’s just not as bright at certain angles. I’m glad my new emo is not flawed.


I honestly prefer the new one. I need the oled screen because I hate when the black pixels are 1 nit instead of 0 showing the borders

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I see this also on my two ones. The old one (665 Days old) have a real black display. The younger one (408 Days old) have a brighter display thats not completely black is. Its looking for me, that the brightness is higher on the newer one as from the older…