Has shipping time improved?

Other threads I have read, and calculations using the (slow) progress of the “delivery” page updates, everything points to approx. 4-4.5 month delivery time. The previous orders I observed, were made last year, and with the previous delays (new year, defective parts etc.), this is the case. I have read that Living AI are improving their shipping delay, but when I observe the “delivery” page numbers, this does not seem to reflect that. Has anyone recently received their Emo in less than 4 months?
Don’t get me wrong, I can be as patient as the next person, but I just hate being left in the dark. Maybe more frequent updates to the “delivery” page, even if the change in numbers are not so great? At least we would have a more realistic picture of the situation.

I would say its still somewhere between 3-4 months. As you’ve probably ready through a number of old forum threads, there were a number of delays in the last few months such as chip shortages / parts shortages / power consumption restrictions / and of course COVID lockdowns. Also the delivery page does normally get updated at least once a week, sometimes more. The posts are not as frequent, but if there is any major announcements they are normally shared there as well.

Hope this helps answer your question.

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