Has Living.AI compromised the board quality? Just asking :)

Based on the starting statement by living.ai,
" Update: March 9

The PCB boards of EMO have been produced.

There are seven PCB boards in EMO’s tiny body, and all the PCB boards are in the highest cost matte black.

Of course, we also carefully printed the cute logo of EMO on the PCB board."

But why did they switch to the cheaper green boards now ? Well you can see the changes in the later later update in the delivery page.

Older images

For the newer once check out the new ones in the later updates which shows lower quality green boards

These are the newer ones ?

Checker the newer wireless charger… green board?

Older ones

A question I guess only the Living.Ai team can really answer, everyone else would just be guessing / speculating.

Personally, if they do the same job I don’t see it as a problem. But if there are long term issues associated with using cheaper boards, this would only cause more problems for Living.Ai in terms of support and warranty / returns etc, as they’d need to provide a solution if an EMO malfunctioned due to faulty board quality.

Once again, this is just my opinion as mentioned, the only people that can provide this answer would be the living.ai team.

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@Wayne_Zhang Can you comment on this please?

Green PCBs are easier to inspect. Black can absorb heat. Just my thoughts.

Hi, yes we used matte black PCD boards before. But now we have chosen the green board in order to more easily detect the problem and improve the yield.


Hi about 3/4 the way down in the following website Why use Black PCB for electronic device ? - Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing & PCB Assembly - RayMing
We can find the following advantages of black PCB:-

Variety of Black PCB functions:

  • Ease the strain on the PCB by the environment during assembly.
  • They supply PCB insulating.
  • They prevent toxins and mechanical assault from affecting the PCB.
  • Reduce some possible variables that may hinder PCB performance.
    Depending upon which one suits your demands, the black PCBs may be covered with various layers. Among other characteristics that make the PCB efficient for use, it is important to consider corrosion resistance, structural stability, and moisture strength.

The matt black PCB provides excellent visibility of problems on the PCB, like flaws, which make it simpler for you to correct.
It would have been really nice if Living.Ai was a bit more transparent about this change, This may seem to put down the expectations of the customers without the price not reduced because of the same. I would suggest that you guys ship those new $15 stickers (I think its way overpriced too :crazy_face:) with current orders to compensate the customers and switch back to black matte PCB (yes you can stop shipping the free stickers since then).
I believe customers will wait a bit more for a better quality EMO, I would certainly a little longer… Also matte black PCB brings a vibe of professionalism and a vibe of superior quality in electronic devices. … Its just my advice :slight_smile:
Like it say says on the EMO PET BOX “Never abandon him or try to sell him” we EMO fans would like to follow them too, it is possible with your support and assurance of quality.

I think you’re asking a bit much that they notify us about every single change… I mean if they change the material of the spring they use, should they tell us too? No - it’s up to them to deliver a product that is a decent and reliable product for the price they can sustain for making a profit. They are after all a business that needs to make profit in order to continue to develop the product. If they don’t make profit… then they will go down like other businesses.

I think we can focus on the wrong things at time and that draws us away from other things that matter. Just my two bits :slight_smile:


Hi @Wayne_Small,
Sorry for the late reply, I’m sooo sorry you had to take it the wrong way, I definitely did not mean that they need to inform us with every change, please don’t turn it around and make it look bad, we are all fans of EMO, I’m a proud fan too, the PCB seemed to me a bit important to me as a customer myself as it is one of the major part of this product, also they didn’t not have to talk about the logic board in the first place when they updated it, All I really wanted to know was the quality of EMO was not being compromised and that they are confident with this change, because later they just can’t run around and replace the boards if they face issues because of this. I get it, it’s for the business to sustain and develop new products and it is very important that they get a justifiable profit, I think you know that a satisfied customer is a returning customer and a loyal customer, Because people like me who want to support companies like these and products like these, more than their requirement by ordering a few things extra sometimes just to support them, they need to be satisfied and proud of their purchase.

Look it’s quite simple, people like me like the product, quality is good, we buy new released products or other products in the future and later and influence our friends, family members, relatives and other people to do the same creating a better business to the company. And if this is not want happens then there are chances it can go the other way round too. Everyone wants to see good companies like these grow and create new products and find a place in everyone’s lives.
And I’m sure Living.AI would be great in the future, Also I would like to end this topic by thanking Living.AI for their wonderful product, its game changing and love to see more.

A Living.AI Fan

All good mate - I wrote my response late at night so it might sound a bit worse worded that had I done it in the morning :slight_smile:
Long story short - Wayne Zhang has clarified they made the change to improve the ability to see quality issues that they could not as easily see with the black board. I guess only they will know the true effect of this.

I do agree - us happy campers talk heaps about technology we love.