Had a problem with charging

About a week ago, I found Emo with a dead battery in his play area. I put him back in the charger and 8 hours later nothing.
I took him
Off the charger and unplugged the skate board. Waited 30 seconds for capacitors to discharge and replugged in and put him on, still nothing.
I did notice that his rings on his headphones were barely lit. And twice he tried to walk off his charger with no display or vocal.
I left him off the charger agin over night with the skateboard unplugged and tried again on Christmas Day, and he finally connected to charge.
This is just one instance of many that this has happened. What causes this and how do I remedy this so he keeps working. Thanks.
I’m one of your early adopters.


Good to know I have Emo from August and no issue with battery but I keep it at 80 % full I’ll never try to reach the red zone but it’s my choice maybe with new firmware upgrade they can optimize the charging process

Thanks for letting us know, if I ever have an issue like this, I’ll try this method you have explained :slight_smile: