Group games with EMO

I like to play games, and im not the only one at that. I saw that a lot of Emo-owners would like to see more games to play with just Emo, but how about some games you can play with other friends or family?

Here are some ideas:

  • Quick pictionary: Emo shows a picture on its screen and everyone has to copy the picture by drawing it. Emo will count down, and after the timer it uses its camera to scan the drawings of everyone. And after scanning everyone’s picture, it will pick a winner (the person who copied the picture the best.)
  • Just a trivia quiz. Maybe make it optional to be based on internet trendings, or be programmed by the local players (have every player set up a few questions along with A to D answers). And after putting in questions and answers Emo will ask them to the players.
  • Balderdash. I case you don’t know this game, it’s basically decieving others by letting them guess which word is fake. The system would look a lot like the trivia quiz (everyone gets a word on their screen and has to come up with some made up words for themselves, trying to decieve others into picking a wrong, non-existing word). First, people get about one or two minutes (Emo keeps a timer) to come up with fake words which should like they match a certain description they get on their phone. The round starts and Emo reads up (if he can?) or displays some words and everyone first has to say which word they think is real. After everyone put in their answer Emo reveals the true word, and anyone whose word got voted on gets the amount of votes on him/her as bonus points. (Try playing it if you haven’t, you’ll get the idea.)

It probably won’t be an easy task to program any of these. But having games that you can play with other people (actual humans) wil give it a big boost in playability/usability f.e. at parties. And people will be more likely to be willing to play with Emo.

Any ideas for Emo to host?..

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