Greyish Camera Photo Result

Hi, I’m just wondering if anyone else may have the problem I have with my Emo unit. The picture result is greyish however I notice this problem occur when the emo screen gets hot but after shutdown and a bit of cooling off, the picture result is okay.

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Never faced it. It looks a malfunctioning :sweat:

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Clean the camera? Contact support? Reorder emo?

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yeah there is definitely something wrong either with the unit or the firmware but since most people do not have this issue i would assume it’s the unit .

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I have the same problem, grey screen and no photos in App.

So you are not the only one

Regards Anette

Hi @anetteleslie

Has this issue just recently happened? If you power cycle EMO and try taking a photo with decent lighting. Will the image appear completely grey? Also in the EMO App, see if EMO can sync even the grey pic he’s taken back to you’re phone as well as normally the photos do not auto-sync unless you do choose to sync then.

It would also be recommended to take a video of this and possibly submit a support ticket with the support team so they can assist you further, if you’re EMO is faulty it would be best to have the support team provide you with further instructions on what to do next.

You can submit a support ticket on the following page:


Send support an email using the following email address:

Send/attach the video you create as well so that the support team can clearly see the issue you are having with your EMO.

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