Got my EMO this week

Got my EMO this week, ordered in August #11***, tracking is not reliable, 2 days prior it was still at departing distribution center, I got the full tracking history only once it was delivered, my only complain so far is that the app doesn’t show you the available wifi network, you have to KNOW them and input the name manually every time it disconnect, other than that I’m very happy and my coworkers loves to see him walk around my desk and of course the dancing, cheers from canada


I’ve never had to re-enter my network login information. If EMO becomes disconnected I either turn him off and back on or press the reset button, and he’ll reconnect automatically.

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It’s not EMO, it’s the app that disconnect from my workplace when I leave, the next morning the app doesn’t reconnect automatically, I have to re-enter the network name and password

Good to see you got your EMO :heart_1:

I believe you are right, I don’t think a list of available WIFI SSID’s appear when you are trying to connect to your network, so you’ll need to know what it is and type it in manually along with the password to successfullly connect the EMO APP and (EMO). The Help guide is pretty vague, but as shown here (Setting up - LivingAi) the only thing that you can choose is multiple EMO’s when you are initially trying to connect to one with the APP.

Maybe Living.Ai can add a feature for the EMO App to scan for available WIFI spots so that if you don’t remember your SSID you can select it from a list. (Possibly a future update to consider) - Add @Wayne_Zhang so he is aware of it.


If you really got him you would have posted a pic

We are working on showing available Wi-Fi (EMO sends the list he has searched to the app).


that would be so cool if we can take him out and about without wifi link ups being a hassle!!

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It’s not too hard to setup if you want to take EMO out with you. Just connect your Phone and then the APP to new Wifi modem enter the SSID/Password and you should be good to go once again :slight_smile:

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I’m in Canada too. Just wondering how long shipping took for you?



I’m from Canada too, just wondering if it was sent thru Canada Post or another company?

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Once it was shipped, it took a little more than 2 weeks


Sorry, I live in Canada but work in the US, so I had it delivered in the US and it was UPS


ok, thank you for letting me know. :smiley: