Goodbye responses

I have seem two responses to saying Goodbye, or See you soon, to Emo
One is that his two eyes merge and disappear into a hole in the ground
The other is where an inverted cone drill into the ground and disappears.

Do these mean anything anywhere in the world?


Yeah, I have noticed those as well, but never really thought of how came up with these two goodbye animations and if they have a hidden meaning behind them. Would be interesting to find out. :thinking:

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No idea but in the USA, digging a hole all the way through to China was always kind of a cliché term.

this is interesting because his goodbye response is another miss that they didn’t notice… Him jumping in a hole and whatever is not very good at all… If I say goodbye because I’m going out I think it would be expected that he would say goodbye back to me and maybe I will miss you.something cute. Oh well another mystery

Yeah the goodbye animation is another weird unknown thing. Living AI as I see it still has many many updates.

He says…See You Soon…then on return he says…You were missed, how can i help you

I think a Goodbye wave animation would work well when you say Goodbye or See you Later to EMO.

Yep, more bells and whistles. :roll_eyes: