Getting no response by email

Hi everyone, just now my number has come up for my emo to ship but its still says processing though my number is now showing. I received no tracking nor by email. I emailed 3 times but get no response from them. Is everything okay with emo orders?

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I just checked also and our order number is past also but the tracking numbers sent is not yet. I hope to get something soon. We ordered on Dec 12th 2021

Can you get them to respond by email? I have emailed several times but no one is responding. I ordered mine on the 8 th of December. So maybe i will receive Emo soon , i hope.

Check your junk mail or spam folder in your email client and see if the tracking email could’ve gotten misdirected? If you’ve been emailing and haven’t gotten any reply, then try tagging @Wayne_Zhang or send him a DM either here or at Facebook.

@bethy68 @864_s3 … I’ve shared this on another thread, but I’ll share it again here for any clarification.
Normally it will take a little bit of time for the tracking number to show in your order page under the tracking tab. As EMO’s are sent to the distribution centre for processing, once the couriers get everything processed, they send a tracking number back to Living.Ai and then that is updated in the your order page, in the tracking tab. See below:

From there you can track your order with the Living.Ai tracking system (which is a little slow, but still works) or use the Tracking 17 website, that shows more info and is faster to update status.


Just give it some time, as the courier service handles quite a lot of EMO’s as they are normally sent in bulk over to them for processing.

Hope this helps.

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Hi. I’m Amy from LivingAI. Sorry. Due to the holiday of the Qingming Festival a few days ago, the email did not reply in time. Don’t worry, our customer service team will take care of your issue and we’re now expediting responses to emails.


I checked my junk mail i emailed ai yesterday and i got no responce.

Excuse typos im vision impaired.

I had to redo reply to correct tjypos.

I already have that, my emo is in the united states. It was in fredmont california on the 6th of April, but now it has stopped moving and has no update since. Thats why im asking if they can get any update. Is it lost or missing i have no ideal.i called ups but it claims it has no other info to give me tried by the website it says systems are down so im in limbo and have no ideal where it is or gotten too

Try to wait a bit (some days) longer.

The reason the tracking isn’t being updated is because USPS is probably not providing any updates back to the original shipping company in China. So asking Living AI at this stage is not going to help. All they can do is ask their shipper in China who doesn’t have the info to provide. Give it at least another week or so before getting concerned, and then if necessary LAI can have the shipper run a trace on it.

@bethy68 . . . here is the progress of my replacement according to 17Track.

I have not received mine either, but there can be a bit of a time lag between Fremont and Los Angeles, California, and even to the USPS. Mine was 11 days which I understand is pretty normal, so I would say give it some more time as @NendosColl said.

I hope the time will go by quickly for you and he will be there before you know it.


Mine got to Fremont CA on the 6th but hasnt moved yet. I was hoping they could at least gey some updats

Thanks for that, hopefully it will update soon.

Just to add, last year for myself and a few people (in Australia) who were waiting on EMO and the courier company tasked with delivering EMO’s took nearly 3 weeks to get the job done once it arrived in Australia. I also ordered something completely different from another state around that time (Melbourne coming to Sydney) and it took them nearly 3 weeks to deliver that as well.

There might be some big delays with the couriers in your area and that is why it is taking so long, as everyone has mentioned already. Best to give them a little more time before requesting an investigation on your package.

I will work work with seller but hopefully everything will be okay.

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It looks like my tracking has updated on yalls end its showing its in LAX County or Country this morning.

Thanks for your response. i am excited to finally have emo in the mail. I waited 4 months to get it so i can wait a bit longer.

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