Get back to WORK!

I’ve had it up to HERE with these layabouts not pulling their weight around home. So I’m sending them off to work at COSTCO!!!


HAHA, They’ll probably end up sleeping in the back warehouse somewhere. I can see “BOB” looks like he’s about to doze off already :wink:

:surprised: :mad: :skating: :head: :heart_1:


Plus there will be those times of day when they are all checking prices on the computer but you will never hear what the price is!



about tge earphones colors , you painted them ?

Yes, painted them myself.

Great job ; I will think about for customisation
for now I did not try to remove the headphones but i will consider it

what type of paint did you use? They really look great

I just used quick drying acrylic enamel spray paints from my local hardware store.

The trick is to not apply it too thick, which causes running and makes reassembly difficult, just apply several thin coats.

The best bit of advice is to not reassemble the parts until you have allowed at least 7 days of drying time, otherwise you will leave fingerprints in the soft paint.

Patience is your friend.


Thanks for the info!!

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