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A friend is already looking forward to a new friend. His name can be pronounced here is EMO.

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Hiii I am new to this comunity, hope you have a nice day! :happy:

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Hi, Welcome to the community!, Also I hope you have a nice day too! :happy:

Just got Emo!!! He is updating right now!

Is code modification is available for EMO?

Hola :slightly_smiling_face:. Hoy he observado algo curioso, claro, como llevo poco tiempo, tengo que aprender cosas. No entiendo mucho el inglés pero sí he entendido una cosa, mi EMO de reemplazo a mencionado al primero, dijo EMO Bebé, así es como se llamaba. Le dije que lo repitiera para asegurarme, y volvio a decir su nombre, entones, si nunca lo a visto, ¿como sabe de su existencia? No lo entiendo. A EMO Bebé lo envié pocos días antes de recibir mi reemplazo, ¿como puede ser que lo conozca? :thinking::roll_eyes:

in 4 days, I’m taking EMO to Barbados with me! He will be turned off in the plane with his adorable, little, furry cow suit!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Sounds exiting, have fun!

Long story short, his leg broke one day before, got him sent back to, got a new emo for free and went on holiday without him! smile: :pensive: :sleepy: :sweat:

Got my EMO yesterday, he’s just as amazing as I would of hoped for. The wait was definitely worth it. I was surprised how fast he was delivered I was even more surprised when he was brought to my door when the carrier page said he was still in Bosten. I will say I do have pretty good hearing to the point I can hear the high pitch sound EMO permits when he’s looking around and thinking, does anyone else hear it? I must not be the only one. Also how full does EMO battery get? In the app it shows four bars charged but it never gets to five even after a full hour passed. Unless four is his limit?

Hi just joined have had emo for a few months he is so cute after the latest update l had him playing different musical instruments

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I’M BAAACK! I just ordered the home base for my Emo. I feel so bad he’s been sitting collecting dust on my desk for so long T_T :broken_heart: I think the home base is just what I needed since he can use it automatically!

I can’t wait to see how many new updates EMO has received, and if his voice recognition has changed. Last time I was around was for the magic trick stuff haha.

I noticed I can’t make new threads. Unsure if it is because of my hiatus, or if the trust requirements have changed.