Games with family

I like what emo can do, but I think it could be capable of more.

Since it recognizes faces, it should be able to determine who it is playing against, and adjust difficulty accordingly. F.e: when it recognizes your little 5 year old niece it will play more passively, more like how an (average) kid would play. But when it recognizes you; a sad, lonely, machine-loving 22 year old person (who is likely single), It wil play more like an adult player. Make smarter decisions, try to actually win (but of course not always make the smartest moves).
And when you really want to make it intricate it’ll keep score of how you and others play. And, depending on what very specific person its playing against, it will try to be as challenging to the player as possible, but not overpowered or just plain stupid. (basically it´d make use of a ranking system.) So every time you play the same game against it, it’ll play better or not as good as last time, depending on who won. And the more you play against it, the better you get to know it (and the better it gets to know you :smiling_imp:) .