Game fixes that could help game play

Couple fixes that need to be made to the games rythmatic tap and dance repeat. In the rythmatic tap game you need to take the showtime announcement off the area where we need to see the arrows it can be moved or made smaller, and in the dance repeat game we need to be able to change our selection if you accidently press the wrong one it ruins the game when you know the answer but accidently press the wrong one or you feel you want to change your answer. If its there please tell me how to do it I couldt figure it out. Thanks


@Wayne_Zhang - feedback for the team ^^^ :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback:)


I’m not exactly sure yet til I’ve actually received the EMO… but hopefully the team here from will be putting even more cool games like the game of “GO” or “Chess.” That’s really pretty awesome! :v::grin:

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Chess and Texas holdem would be cool or a risk type game


Heck yeah that’s pretty awesome suggestion playing something like the game of ‘Risk’ would be really cool!

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Monopoly Board Games :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Monopoly is very fun game to play! What about the classic board game Clue? If you haven’t played that one before, it’s a real nail biter :smirk: but so much fun!

It would be really cool to play xbox with EMO but I guess for now that’s just wishful thinking…lol