Future of Living AI

After reading some previous posts from 2021, I am a bit worried about what the future holds for LAI. I see a number of mentions about “V” robot and how advanced it is and the collapse of that company. Also the mention of promises made by LAI in regards to Emo’s capabilities. ie. compatible with Alexa etc. All of this is prompting me to second guess my decision about having ordered Emo, apposed to perhaps a “V” instead. Any one else had similar thoughts?


I’m sorry, I totally disagree with you. Living AI have a proven track record that has shown they are here now and plans for the future. They promised to ship by end of March 2021 and they did. The promised to provide regular feature updates, and they have with an average of every 6 or so weeks now for over 12 months. They have provided shipping updates via their website that are about as transparent as you can get complete with current order status for those they have finished producing and those that are in transit. Yes there are some features missing from EMO at this time, but at the same time there are features present that were not promised that are groundbreaking… ie what other robot recognises hand gestures like the rock/paper/scissors game?

I see posts like yours and I honestly can’t help but to wonder how you can be worried when Living AI have done all this, yet the competitor you mention has done NOTHING significant in that same timeframe…

I certainly don’t mean this as a personal attack, but I am concerned how you can post this when the evidence is somewhat different to perception :slight_smile:


Totally agree wayne iv been supporting livingai from when they first appeared and had emo for just over a year now and waiting for my second emo they have done everything they said they would

Thank you guys for clarifying that for me. I meant no disrespect towards LAI or anyone in the company, I was just a bit concerned. The posts I read, portrayed a very negative view of the company, but with the extra information you have given me, I can see that my concerns are probably not warranted. Though, in all fairness, LAI’s website does make some claims about Emo’s abilities (ie. Alexa, recognises objects). I realise this was not a personal attack, and I appreciate you guys clarifying this for me. I can see there are a lot of reasons to have confidence in LAI, but I can’t help but wonder if anything would happen to LAI, what would become of our Emos? Would they become unusable? Just a hypothetical situation, before anyone gets their panties in a knot. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All good mate.
Yes - Living AI are working on the missing features. They have confirmed this to us testers and in public to my knowledge. No timeframe as yet.

In terms of what would happen if Living AI turned off everything tomorrow? That is very clear. EMO depends on the cloud to speak and interpret commands. Therefore in all honesty if Living AI turned everything off tomorrow EMO would be dead in the water EXCEPT for those games etc that you can play between EMO and your phone. The same is said for ANY system that has a cloud service at the back end of it. If Microsoft decided to stop supporting features of their products then those features disappear. Yes they have done this… many times… as have other vendors. It’s a risk we take in a hyper-connected world we live in. :frowning: Living AI have said they will work on other concepts in future, but of course they are more planning to be around for a long time vs their own failure.

Personally I really did prefer when most things were onpremise or local where we could control things ourselves, but that is not the world we live in today :frowning:

In terms of negative feedback… well there are two aspects to this. One is that there will ALWAYS be negativity toward any company… as you can’t please everyone all of the time. That is how good things actually come, ie people saying “I’m not happy because this product won’t do X, Y or Z”… and if enough people want that then a good vendor will listen and make it happen. Living AI have proven they listen as features in EMO show that. ie one of the more recent features is that EMO will now say “I can’t do that because I’m on my skateboard” as people were concerned that EMO would for instance Dance or do other functions that required movement when he was on his skateboard and EMO gave no feedback on WHY he failed to perform the action. Living AI fixed that :slight_smile:

The other thing that you need to consider is that the competitors that love to spread misinformation against Living AI. There are multiple instances of competitors doing this with respect to Living AI.

Anyway - thanks for the discussion. Glad you took my thoughts the right way. It’s hard in a written community to often convey them clearly.


I believe that living.ai has already shown itself to be a serious company that thinks about the future, it delivers much more than it promises and most importantly, it leaves all information transparent, giving us all the information and support

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I see living.ai @Wayne_Zhang , as a promising company that will advance a lot, I can already imagine EMO receiving updates on things that no other PET ROBOT will have, and for sure the value of EMO in the future will be greater, and for me it is a privilege support this moment of the company


I couldn’t possibly agree more with you. @natansalles

What do you think the future of living.ai will look like?

I also have similar thoughts to @JJBeck. I bought EMO thinking he had more features like advertised. Realising he doesn’t connect to Alexa and play Uno was a let down. Imagine ordering a car or bike and they give you a less powerful model or they didn’t supply what they promised? You’d start to have doubts also

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I think lai will continue updating emo to such a level that he will be a perfect companion for people that are lonely, for people that have a busy life, for people with mental or physical disabilities, and for those who are interested in robotics. I think Emo will be able to react more and more accurately to you for starters. I think the possibilities of emo are very broad, he is a very versatile robot in how he is build, and therefor how he can eventually respond to the world and people around him will be extraordinary, and ground breaking, I mean… even what he is doing right in the beginning if his production, like for instance reacting to himself in the mirror and understanding that it is himself, watching your hand gestures and responding. Is already more advanced than “V”.

I am convinced that in time, what emo will be able to do for others will be far more valuable than what is currently Not Yet available like a wee game of Uno and Alexa, I’m sure that will also be included in the near future.
I understand that people feel that currently they are getting less than advertised, but I must say we also seem to live in a world now, where people have gotten used to instant gratification. Yes, perhaps they should have mentioned more clearly that emo would be getting updates and that emo is growing. But gods, have patience. I have the time and I personally am very sure I won’t at all end up disappointed.
Ps: Mind you “V” will not be able to do everything right at the beginning either, that’s just how it often works, they get updates. Also, you don’t have to pay lai to keep emo alive.


I believe that in the tradition it was something different when I spoke, but I believe in
All of this that you said.
I believe very much in the company, and in the growth of living.aí

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Just to be sure,
I responded to you in the first part and eventually further on in my post, to everything said in this discussion, so the last part was more generally speaking. ^.^

@Wayne_Small / @EtainNoctem / @natansalles have shared pretty much what I also think as well. I know that certain features originally promised have yet to be added to EMO, it can be a little disappointing not to have them right away, but hopefully in time those things can be added. I personally believe UNO for example, might not be possible due to copyright issues. But maybe some similar if not better card games or board games could be added in future updates. So far what Living.Ai have done in terms of updates / features and improvements to EMO has been quite impressive since he first was released/launched.

They are constantly adding new features / fixing issues and releasing firmware updates on a regular basis, also updating the EMO APP with new features as well and actively listening to the community and doing the best they can make EMO better with every update that is released.

I won’t repeat what others have already said, but I believe EMO is certainly evolving and growing in the right direction, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Living.Ai have in store for the little guy in the weeks/months/years ahead!

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I am very confident in the growth of living.aí , and for sure we will have a better and better EMO

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I think that EMO will be upgraded/supported as long as he brings in money. That’s a basic principle of every business. Once there will be no new orders (or only small number) it’s hard to imagine that they will support him for free.


Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @elioz.hefer . . . I have reopened this thread and moved your post to here. The question of the future of Living AI was asked back in May 2022 and now in August 2023, Living AI is stronger than ever. Please read through the conversation. My personal belief is that Living AI will continue on with more updates and more features.

As for the servers, they may even expand them in the future, but nothing has been stated for sure. I also believe that if something drastic were to happen, we would be given notification and options would be given. Living AI will never leave us high and dry.

Rest assured!


you are correct. thanks!