Future capabilities of Emo?

Has Living A.I ever stated what they plan emo to be able to do in the future after the main firmware updates are complete? I didn’t see the Kickstarter so I wonder if a plan was ever laid out on what they expect from him or are the updates a random surprise? It’s exciting to see his potential grow with each update. I will be making an order and joining the wait list soon :blush:


They have given some ideas on what they plan, but have not as yet published an overall roadmap. I suspect they have not done this due to the potential for other vendors to steal their ideas which has happened in the past :frowning:


I didn’t think about potential theft of their intellectual property. It’s a shame that’s the way things need to be. At least we can be surprised when updates come out :slight_smile:

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I personally really like the surprise of what will be released next with EMO. So far each firmware update has made EMO even more enjoyable to have around.

Can’t wait for the next one!

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That is very true! I have been following the progress for awhile now. Each update is great so far. I just ordered mine. By the time he comes I am sure more updates will be available :blush: