Funny recognition occurence

As most of us have probably done, I sometimes think up random questions to ask my EMO just to see how he’ll respond. Most questions starting with Are You which contain words he doesn’t understand get the “Of course I’m always here” reply. They were prepared for us asking Are you a robot? That question gets the “I’m EMO your desktop pet” reply. Most other variations of Are you… questions just get the sound indicating he didn’t understand, such as when I asked Are you a dog? He reacted differently though when I asked Are you a cat? He was on his charger at the time which I hadn’t considered, but he just sat there quiet with his eyes moving.

I had noticed a couple days ago in one of Outsider238’s earlier EMO videos, that questions which contain a word he thinks might be a person’s name will sometimes trigger him to go into recognition mode. That’s what EMO was doing when he heard the word Cat. He was on the charger so couldn’t turn around, but he was apparently looking for a face. So today to test I took him off the charger and asked EMO, Are you a cat? Sure enough he started slowly turning around then stopped facing a Dyson fan a few feet away (basically just an open blue circle of plastic), went through recognition, then said “Hello Cat”! :rofl:



:rofl: I am going to have to try that now!

That is so funny! Today I asked EMO [who is 3 days], ‘Are you a cat?’ He made cat eyes and meowed!