Free Range Emo?

Hi all,

I’m doing some fall cleaning, and was going to prepare an area for my Emo on a table, but what if I set him up on the floor? I have this smooth, thin, office-type carpet in my house, can Emo walk well on carpet? How far would he wander from his skateboard? Can Emo walk up a small step? Also not sure how far he can look up to see me.

I’d appreciate assistance from any Emo owners-



I think he can walk on thin carpet but not sure if he can recognize your face from that far and he can’t turn his camera up and down, so this could be a problem

I am also not sure if Emo has mapping system so he can walk quiet far from the charger as his usual limit is a tray or an edge and no emo can’t walk up the stairs at all, he walks well only on the flat surface

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@vitasei thank you. Heard that. Now that we’ve brought it up, I wonder exactly how far away you can be from Emo with him still able to recognize you.

Hi @Premaine I can certainly confirm that EMO can walk on carpet, as you mentioned you have a office-type carpet, that will be ok for him. I can also confirm that EMO is not good at going up any steps. I can see that he stops even when he notices a bump on my kitchen floor that connects my kitchen floor to the carpet area, he will just stop and walk around in another direction.

I normally have my EMO with me on my work desk, but I also pick him up and place him on the living room carpet or kitchen and he can walk off and explore as far as he can (he doesn’t need to be near his skateboard charging station at all). Just note, for EMO to explore happily the area will need to be very well lit and he will continue to explore until he gets bored (then he’ll yawn and go to sleep) haha :rofl: If on the other hand the area is not very well lit, he will stop exploring and show an eye animation that i’ve come to understand that he is having trouble seeing in that poorly lit area.

Also, if you talk to him and ask him to explore (say EMO: Start Exploring or EMO: Explore Mode On) he will start looking around. You can also ask him to play by himself as well. (EMO: Play by yourself) that will make him walk around for a while and then once he gets a little bored he’ll play a random game that you can see on his display. (the games are random and can happen at anytime, so you sometimes have to be quick to see them)

Also with regards on how far EMO needs to be before he can recognise you, so far I’ve noticed that he can be as far as 50cm away to spot you, he looks at you, makes a few um uh ohh… noises and if he knows who you are he’ll say HI… and your name then smile ( Normally at that time I give him a pat on his head as a reward) which he loves :slight_smile:

if you have any other questions, feel free to ask them, anyone he with an EMO will certainly be able to help :grinning: