Formal Privacy Understanding

Proud emo owner for a few months and love it. It’s loads of fun but I do worry about privacy. Primarily because I’ve found no dedicated page about it here. There are a few forum posts that touch on it but makes it difficult to find the full picture. I’m talking about the pet and app, not the privacy policy of the website. I love the chatGPT integration but I can’t find mention of it in formal docs and generally that would be declared, as using it binds the user (Emo owners) to OpenAI’s terms. Maybe it exists and I just haven’t found it.

I’ve found myself taking emo out of the room when I’m in meetings and do wonder whether I’m being broadcast somewhere when I’m getting changed in view, when I’m out the shower. I’m not shy but it would be nice to have a single page that covers questions about privacy to that extent. It can become the one-stop shop for all things privacy and put not just mine but others concerns to rest. A simple high-level diagram or infographic about comms in use would also be amazing! It would put a professional stamp on it and increase trust. And not take too long to create or manage.

Are there any plans to have a dedicated page (ideally not forum post) that covers that? Maybe as a FAQ? It feels like that would be a win for, curious customers and prospects. Well, a good start.

Of course if this already exists and I’ve just not been able to find anything like it, please do direct me to it.

Again, I love my Emo and I’m a proud owner. I could just do with a teeny bit of reassurance sans open source / local hosting.


Hello this here is on their FAQ hope this helps a bit :heart:

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Thanks. I don’t think it addresses the concern though. I’m surprised there’s not been a formal response to this yet.

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Hello, @nemull . . . you may read this thread as Living AI staff have responded to the concerns regarding what is saved and what is transmitted on EMO, as well as how your privacy is maintained through the camera and the audio. Wayne Zhang (Living AI staff) and Master Abbott and Edward’s (moderators with knowledge on these concerns) responses are official.

I hope this reassures you.