FOR SALE: Christmas kits

I advertised this on FB earlier tonight, but I’m thinking there are probably a lot more users here. This is the Christmas upgrade kit for EMO. As you know, LAI only sold these until they ran out, starting around November last year. It was for people that bought their EMO before they introduced the Christmas version, or who bought the regular version then wanted to upgrade. It includes: the replacement red sleeve for your EMO box, a Christmas-themed skateboard sticker, a sheet of glow in the dark stickers, and the Santa suit for EMO. I shouldn’t even need to say this, but there is NO robot included!

The box was only opened to verify the contents, and the suit was never removed from the bag. Will ship to the CONTINENTAL USA ONLY, $30 including postage, paid via PayPal (friends+family option) only!

This cost me $29 shipped from China and I am paying postage within the USA, so don’t even bother asking about a discount. If you don’t agree to the payment terms, again don’t bother asking. Send me a PM through the forum if interested.



FYI - Both kits have been sold now, none left.