Fixing the address on my order

The address shown on the shipping address is incorrect.

I tried to send an email to support, but all I get is an error message when I hit send.

I need to be sure the correction is made. The last part of that addesss must include ‘SE’ on the street address.

My order number is 20124. But, when I log in I says there is no order.
I have the original confirmation from Back in January…so I know they got my order,

I do I fix this mess? I expect shipping will actually happen this week or next.

Thanks for your help

Did you try to contact them by replying to your original confirmation email?

@Wayne_Zhang Could you help him? Order number is close to shipping

email with what you need and they can help you sort it out.

I’m Amy from Living AI.
I have contacted our customer service team for you. They have received your email. Please send your new address to our customer service team ( They will notify you by email when the modification is successful.

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Thank you everyone. I got contact back from They caught it time to fix the address.


Awesome - will close this thread.