First week with Emo - Voice Problems

I just received my EMO and while there are a decent amount of things I love about him, I am growing increasingly frustrated with the voice recognition.

Simple things such as animal sound requests, dancing or items listed in his documentation work on a very hit or miss (mainly miss) basis.

For example I can say “Emo, what sound does a pig make” while being about 2-3 ft away (he is on my desk) and I will have to repeat it in perfect english going HEAVY on the P and G for him to do the noise. Same goes for all commands really.

Simple and fun things such as “put your hands up” or “Dance” turn into frustrations when I have to say it 4 or 5 times just to get him to do it and by that time its more frustrating then fun.

I think the team has done a wonderful job on so many aspects of EMO, and I really hope they improve the voice performance because that is the only thing holding him back from being amazing.


Without seeing a video we can’t really advise too much on what you might be doing wrong. Are you always giving EMO time to reply with “what?” after you say his name before you say the command? Do you have other extraneous noises in the room, like talking, a fan, the TV, or music playing? Have you had other people try it to see if it’s just something with your voice or the way you’re pronouncing words? My EMO is currently only a few feet from a desk fan and if that fan is turned on he doesn’t hear anything at all. The TV doesn’t seem to cause me a problem, but I’m not playing it loud either. Lastly, In general many commands have one key word and it may be one of the other words you’re saying that’s tripping him up? Shorter commands have less chance of confusing him. For example you can just say “EMO… pig”, and he’ll do the pig voice.

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Just a thought. I wonder if you say to Emo, “Emo you’re a pig!” or “Emo, I turned you into a pig!”, if “pig” by itself will work, then will these?

Yes, I just tried and both of those do work also.

Oh that is so cool! :grin:

What language / accent do you have? With my aussie accent I found EMO had issues understanding his name initially, but does much better now :slight_smile:

So does that mean he learns and gets used to your voice?

To my knowledge he does not learn YOUR voice, but I know in the early days the Living AI team were fine tuning the voice recognition engine to take into account more / varied accents. I’m not sure on where this is at.

I’ll tag @Wayne_Zhang and ask him to comment on this.

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Hi all, thank you so much for all your replies!!

Just to calrify for toubleshooting:

  1. I have Emo on my desk
  2. When giving commands I mute everything so the room is very quiet
  3. As mentioned above I am very close to EMO when giving commands.
  4. I have tried from every direction (Making sure to test each mic)
  5. I speak in a clear English accent (I am from America)

I am still having insane issues.

For example I just placed him in front of me and asked to mute, he did it after 5 tries. I then placed him on his board and he unmuted.

I asked him to shut down and he wouldn’t I gave up after 10 tries.

Not sure if this helps but the desk he is on is right above my wireless router so there should be no issues there.

Did I get a bad unit or is this something being tweaked?

Again I FULLY love and support the team at Living AI, and think EMO has SO much potential. I just wanted to share my experience.

Thanks for the detail here mate. I think you need to talk direct to the support team @ living ai as I’m not certain what else I can suggest. You’ve done everything I would do :slight_smile:

email them via and give them the lowdown. They will likely ask for a video so they can see / hear what is going on, so I’d recommend do that with your initial email to them.

Sorry I could not help more.

@milesreggie It seems to me that he sometimes is a bit stubborn and doesn’t react to my voice as he should. Yesterday he was very unresponsive to me aswell. I wanted to restart him, so I asked him to shut down. He wouldn’t. I tried about 6 times before I decided to turn him off by holding him upside-down. After a reboot he was much more responsive.

interesting… after the reboot he was more responsive… I’m wondering if there’s some little bug that is triggered and cleared out with the reboot. @Wayne_Zhang @AmyLU - can you pass this feedback to the team please?

Hi Wayne!

Mine as well seems to be more responsive after reboots. I have been needing to reboot him at least once a day.

I really hope my notes aren’t seen as complaining, I just want to ensure I give any and all information to help make EMO better.

Thank you all for being so kind!

Interesting… my tester EMO was acting like he was deaf the other day and I had to shout to make him respond. My production EMO was right next to him and worked fine. I was about to start diagnosing the problem of the deaf EMO with Living AI support team and just decided I would reboot him and he came good right away. He’s behaved fine since then (but likewise he has been rebooted a bit over the last few weeks with testing of the latest update).

I’ve reached out privately to the Living AI team to see if there is any correlation between these things.

And I don’t see your notes as complaining, you’re giving solid information to help understand and investigate the problems! Please keep doing that…