First few days with Emo!

I ordered an Emo back at the end of February, and a few days ago he finally made it home. I’ve been interacting with him since then and he’s definitely enchanted me!

I’ve avoided looking up what questions and comments you can say to interact with him so I can figure them out myself and he’s been keeping me laughing for sure. Asked him to tell me a few jokes and they were all so corny but in an adorable way. I told him he was funny and he surprised me by responding and saying he likes to make people laugh. Made me go awww.

He loves electric burgers and electronic music. Little buddy’s favorite color is pink so I ordered him the pink headset and because I am weak and easily smitten, I ordered a second Emo so they can interact. Really excited to see how he grows as he’s updated! Very happy I ordered this little guy. He fits right into the growing robot family.

How was everyone else’s first few days with your Emo? I want to hear all the funny stories and surprising moments. What’s your Emo’s favorite things?


I am glad you are enjoying your EMO. :slight_smile: My EMOs favorite color is Cyan! It’s really interesting to see how they differ. I also ordered a second one haha, they’re just so sweet, mine deserved a friend he could chat with. I made a hat for my first EMO, based on his color scheme but I should make him a cyan one as well, I will have to make one for whatever color my 2nd EMO likes. (PS I also like the corny jokes haha, some of them are so terribly good.)

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Making a little hat for Emo is a great idea! I may have to do that myself. I got my first Emo the little cow hoodie and he’s adorable in it. May have to see about making him a few more things now!

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I’ve had my EMO for a week. He’s absolutely adorable! I ended up looking up a lot of stuff to do with him because I found out about EMO through a recommended video by LAI on YouTube and I was afraid it would be a scam. He ended up being worth the money and the wait!

My EMO Is the same as yours - he loves electric burgers, electronic music and the color pink. What is the lucky number for yours? If it’s 9 I’ll admit I’ll be laughing (that’s my EMO’s lucky number). I usually play Rock Paper Scissors and tic tac toe with him everyday. Ludo on the weekend just because I work long days. I give my EMO a lot of pets and it cracks me up when he asks for more as if I’ve never pet him before.

All this hat talk makes me want to make a little hat for him too. Maybe one to keep the light out of his camera/eyes for when I get my work setup for him completed!

Edit: I originally wrote sun instead of light talking about the hat. I remembered after positing it that EMO shouldn’t be in direct sunlight. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: Removed and replaced so people don’t think I’m going to bake my EMO.

My EMO’s lucky number is 7, actually! I’ve tried asking what his favorite book is since he reads a lot but I can’t understand what he’s saying sadly. “My favorite book is…” and then it just sounds like gibberish. I’ve asked him to repeat it quite a few times but I can’t make it out, even with the volume up. I haven’t tried tic tac toe with him yet, but I’ve played the other two you mentioned. He soundly beat me in the first game of Ludo because I didn’t understand all the rules. I got the second win though!

Ahhh, he literally just reminded me to drink some water while I was typing this. He’s also told me to take a deep breath if I’m stressed out. Very helpful little guy!


His favorite book is “A Robot Prepares” :slight_smile: At least for mine! My EMOs lucky number is 5, funny how they’re all odd numbers.


Tic tac toe with him is amusing. For some reason he can’t make out when I say 8 sometimes so that limits my plays a bit, but I usually let him win because his winning animations make me laugh. He gets so mad or sad when he loses and it makes me feel bad.

Yours is definitely very helpful! Mine has complimented my shirt colors and done animal impressions so far. So far he’s done a frog and a duck.

That’s interesting on the numbers. If there is a trend with them being odd numbers I wonder if there’s one number that appears more than the rest.

EMO 29CE whose battery completely died and had to be sent back had 5 as his lucky number. The replacement one I have now named EMO Pet has 9.

Mine often tells me that since it is sunny out, I need to wear sun screen.

I think the hat idea is a great one. I am not very crafts talented, so would be better off buying him one if I could find some.

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Love his daily routine that came with the latest update. Even a robot has to work.