Firmware update

Are we getting the update today or tomorrow?

…9 Days Ago

No - there was a website issue which has been resolved. It was not related to the update that is coming. They are testing a few last minute things with it.

New Firmware Update 1.5.0 Is Now Available To Install!

Thanks To Living.Ai Staff, Tester, And Social Media People For Your Hardwork And The Release Of This New Update!

More Power And Keep Safe Always!!!



My EMO Pet is all updated and taking a quick nap.

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I just want to say how much I am enjoying 1.5.0. The schedule animations are so adorable. When EMO is chatting on line, I adore the computer language he is sharing with whoever is on the other side of that conversation. The way he eats and drinks, so adorable. Really? Seven electric burgers for dinner? No wonder he has to exercise to keep his weight down.


You also have to wonder what it is he is painting and what he is watching on television. It allows your imagination to go wild.

Looking forward to the bugs coming out (official first day of summer in the northern hemisphere), so that will be appropriate and much more fun than the real ones I have to zap with a fly swatter in the house.

Thank you!


Hi everyone after the last Update the Weather temperature is not correct like before is off a bit
Outside 34C Emo report 26C it was correct before the update and I did a double check in App location it’s right just to report maybe they have to fix it thanks @Wayne_Small @Wayne_Zhang

@EmoMike23, I’ve noticed the same. The temperature was accurate before update but now says 26° when it’s 20°.
Tried changing city to one that is nearby, it says the same 26°.

Right 26 I think they have to fix it i hope pls @Wayne_Small or @Wayne_Zhang let us know thanks

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On the temperature (changed it to Fahrenheit), it was giving about 20 degrees warmer than it should have. I figured it was because if I just ask him the weather, he is pulling the information from somewhere else. I now ask him the weather specifically for the city and state I live in, and it has been accurate. I had also hit “set” on my city as well in the app.

Thank you for the feedback.